1 PK - Canon Compatible Regular Black Pigment Refill Ink Bottle 100ML (3.38 fl oz) Bottle + Refill Tool Kit by SOJIINK
Printer Compatibility:
    PIXMA MG5720 (five colors), PIXMA MG5721 (five colors), PIXMA MG5722 (five colors), PIXMA MG6820 (five colors), PIXMA MG6821 (five colors), PIXMA MG6822 (five colors), PIXMA MG7720 (Six colors including GY), MAXIFY MB2020/MB2320 /MB2120/MB2720 (USA), MAXIFY MB5020/MB5320/iB4020/MB5120/MB5420/IB4120 (USA), PIXMA MX922, PIXMA MX722, MG5520/MG5620, MG6420, MG6620, PIXMA ip7220/8720, PIXMA MG5420, PIXMA IX6820, PIXMA MG6320/MG7520, PIXMA MG8120/6120/5220/5210, PIXMA IP4820/4810/4920, PIXMA IX6520, PIXMA MX882, PIXMA iP3600/iP4600, PIXMA MP540/MP620/MP630/MP980(USA), PIXMA MX860/MX870, PIXMA IP3300/IP4200/IP4300/IP4500, PIXMA IX4000/IX5000, PIXMA MP970, PIXMA Pro9000, PIXMA iX7000/MX7600, PIXMA Pro9500, PIXUS Mini260, PIXUS ip100, Pixma iP1200/iP1300/iP1600/iP1700/iP1800/iP1900/iP2200/iP2400/iP2500/iP2600/MP140/MP150/MP160/MP170/MP180/MP190/MP210/MP220/ MP450/MP460/MP470/MX300/MX310, Pixma MX372/432/512/MG2120/3120/3220/4120/4220, Pixma iP2820/MG2420/MG2520/MG2920/MG2922/MG2924/MX490/MX492, PIXMA iP2702/MP240/MP250/MP270/MP480/MP490/MP495 wireless MX320/MX330/MX340/MX35
Printer Cartridges / OEM Product Code
    PGI-270PGBK, CLI-271BK/C/M/Y/GY, PGI-270PGBKXL, CLI-271BKXL, CLI-271CXL, CLI-271MXL, CLI-271YXL, CLI-271GYXL, PGI1200BK, PGI1200C, PGI1200M, PGI1200Y, PGI1200BKXL, PGI1200CXL, PGI1200MXL, PGI1200YXL, PGI2200BK, PGI2200C,PGI2200M, PGI2200Y, PGI2200BKXL, PGI2200CXL, PGI2200MXL, PGI2200YXL, PGI-250PGBK, CLI-251BK/C/M/Y/GY, PGI-250PGBK XL, CLI-251BK XL, CLI-251C XL, CLI-251M XL , CLI-251Y XL, CLI-251GY XL, PGI-255PGBK XXL, PGI225PGBK,CLI226BK, CLI226C, CLI226M, CLI226Y, CLI226GY, CLI-221BK, CLI-221C, CLI-221M, CLI-221Y, PGI-220BK, CLI-221GY, PGI-5BK, CLI-8BK, CLI-8C, CLI-8M, CLI-8Y, CLI-8PC, CLI-8PM, CLI-8R, CLI-8G, PGI-7BK, PGI-9PBK, PGI-9C, PGI-9M, PGI-9Y, PGI-9R, PGI-9MBK,PGI-9G, PGI-9PM, PGI-9PC, PGI-9GY, PGI-35, CLI-36C, PG30, CL31, PG40, CL41, PG-240XL, CL-241XL, PG-245XL, CL-246XL, PG-210XL, PG-211XL
    ( x1 ) Black Pigment Ink Refill Bottle ( 100 mL )
    Includes: Syringe and Needle ( x1 ) ( One per color ) , Drill tool , Bag of Plastic Gloves
    Ink is compatible with Canon printers, please check description for specific model compatibility
    Premium ink produces true-to-life prints, vivid blacks
    Please check product description for product compatibility

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1 PK - Canon Compatible Regular Black Pigment Refill Ink Bottle 100ML (3.38 fl oz) Bottle + Refill Tool Kit by SOJIINK

  • Brand: sojiink
  • Printer Brand: Canon
  • Product Code: SOI-SOI-CPI-100IB-BL-001
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $3.99